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Monday, June 30, 2008Y
Mommy: Final Vaccination

Finally, brought twinkle for her final vaccination at TJV.

3 wks ago weight: 2.1kg
Current weight: 2.5kg
She gained 400grams!! haha.. My little one is growing fine..

Here's her medical card!! Cute aint it? I think it's very sweet of the clinic to have it.
Here's the price-list to share.

Her vaccination yesterday costed me $38.50 (NETT) Heng they dun charge consultation fee as well. *phew~*

Note to self: NEVER GO IN AS A WALK-IN!!!

It was the most horrible way to spend my sundays. A wait of close to 2.5 hours!! GOSH!! i didn't know that there's only one doctor on duty on sundays. My bad, but it's the only day i can afford as i have classes every weekday nights. =.=

I'm really proud of twinkle though.. She sit quietly on my lap the entire time. :D
One auntie with her CUTE-white-pomeranian comment that: she's very guai!~
Even with a jumpy jack russell terrier, twinkle just sat quietly on my lap.

*me VERY proud!*

DEN!! in came a BULLDOG!
Rather big.. SUPER CUTE LAH!!! Fierce-looking.. drooling ALL OVER the floor. Super excited as it keeps panting. "He's not vicious but he just wants to play!" his owner said. The jack rusell jumped a little den sat quietly at the side.

My little ger.. started GROWLING at him. *wa piangz..*

Very gutsy for a small size! haha.. Of course i stopped her. Me and my mom just luffed it off.. Buay fierce, act fierce...

Continued waiting... AND waiting.. AND waiting..

FINALLY!!! it was her turn... She was really really tired by den. I stroked her as i was talking to the vet (Dr Grace Heng - very nice lady!) and she fell ASLP! Too comfy, i guess~ Woke her up for her jab. No whining No barking. Boy am i proud of her..

Doc warned of slight fever and lethargy for the next few days. Ample slp should do just fine for her.

YIPEE~ i can bring her out for her walks already!

*just waitin for my insect repellent thingy to arrive~*

That's her at very night.. Super tired already..

But i still disturb her.. ha!~

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Thursday, June 26, 2008Y

She slpt quietly last night.
without any protest barking.
without me walking around.


She knows how to pee on the paper.
although sometimes mis-aim a bit.

*double beams*

She poops on the floor though.
luckily it's healthy poop (easily picked up), nt LS.



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Tuesday, June 24, 2008Y
Twinkle: *click click*

Mommy has a new toy..

and it makes a sharp *click* sound!
Each time i hear it, i get a TREAT!!!!

I love that new toy!

She would make a weird sound.
i get bored until sian liao, so i sit DEN she clicks and gives me a treat.

now when i see her, i always sit guai guai and wait for her to click and give me a treat!


**Mommy: I'm giving her clicker training, a positive reinforcement type of training. And i taught her to sit on command. And she seems to be doing very well. The first few times she would sit and den slide her butt to a lie-down position. *lazy pig* But now she knows how to sit for a longer time! She pushes herself up with her paws so she sliding backwards further and further away from me. ha! But i think she really got it! YEAH!~

More information of clicker training can be found here.

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Monday, June 23, 2008Y
Twinkle: Car-ride

I went out of the house!

Mommy help me wear my purple thingy (mommy: harness).. I didnt like it so i keep biting it. Tastes NICE actually~ so i kept chewing on it. Den she brought me out! I walk walk a bit on the cement floor and bite on a dried leaf. AGAIN mommy took it out of my mouth. :(

I saw a door opening with sounds inside (mommy: lift) and i didnt dare to in. *scared* So mommy had to carry me in... down down down~~ den she plopped me into the BEAUTIFUL-PURPLE moving thing (mommy: my beautiful car. ha.) It smells weird. It looks weird. Everything's so interesting. So i moved my little butt here and there. Ah-ma held onto me so i just sit on her. Suddenly! i felt the ground moving!! Mommy ask me to sit still.. den i realised we're moving!! this purple thing moves! hee~

On our way back, mommy decides i'm a big girl now and let me sit at the front seat alone! without ah-ma.. I've proven to be guai enuff. hee~ She buckled me in and i just lie on the seat. :D

Very soon we are home again!

HELLO TOYS~~ i'm back!!


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Saturday, June 21, 2008Y

Twinkle.. my timid little girl.

She can't sleep without me near by.
She can't sleep when she's alone in the kitchen.

What do dogs do when they want attention?
They BARK.

Just a couple of days ago, i went out and came back close to 2am in the wee early morning. There's my little ger OUT of her playpen; with the kitchen lights switched ON for her. You might have guess how badly, loudly and LONG she had bark, for my parents to let her roam the entire kitchen with the lights on.

So clever little ME decided to create a separation anxiety solution.
The trick is to let her know that i'm always around, though i'm NT in the kitchen with her.

1. Place her in the playpen, in the kitchen, in the dark.
2. I start walking into the kitchen towards the end of the kitchen, waited a short while and CALMLY walk back to my room. (Totally ignoring her.)
3. The intervals are frequent in the beginning. Just seconds apart. (e.g. 5 secs)
4. Slowly increase the interval. From seconds to minutes. (e.g. 30 secs --> 1 min --> 2 min)
5. Each time just walk as per normal to and fro the kitchen and your room. Totally ignoring her.
6. Repeat this exercise for a period of about 20-30 mins.

This leads her to think that i will be walking there every now and then = i'm not gone far far away but still there with her.

Yes, it takes a lot of effort. But as long as i can get her to slp well and not bark and disturb my family. It's worth it. :)

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008Y
Twinkle: with her pet..

I have a pet TOO! I found my pet on the floor. It is brown in colour.. it has 6 legs that moves a lot.. 2 feelers and it was upside-down!! I nosed it around with my mouth. tried to chew a little. THEN! mommy came over, looked at my pet. SCREAMED to ah-ma to get rid of it while holding me away.


Why she can have me. i can't have it?




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Tuesday, June 17, 2008Y


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Thursday, June 12, 2008Y
Mommy: Uninterrupted night

Quiet night (at last!)...

For past 4 nights, twinkle has been barking during the wee-hours of the morning. *yawn*

Her first night was in my room, so it wasnt that bad as she was able to see me from her playpen.

The next night got worse as she was alone in the kitchen. She started barking at 12mn. -.-||| so i had to sit beside her and just be there with her. Managed to drift back to my room by talking to her in the dark.

Third night *yawn*, barked at 5am. =.= She pooped and stepped on it. (*@(#*)@#@&*# Did a little clean-up and plopped back to bed. Deaf to her barkings.

Fourth night, barked for short intervals thru'out the night.
I was seriously thinking "WHAT HAVE I DONE......."

Finally.. last night.. PEACE thru' the night. :) *hopefully it stays this way.*

She adapting fine. Appetite came back as reports fr my mom tells me that she's eating again. Gave her a little shower on her legs as they are turning BLACK due to the newspaper. My white ger is now a black one. ha! Cleaned out her DIRTY ears as well.

(Twinkle: mommy values sleep more than me. *sulks* )


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Wednesday, June 11, 2008Y

Twinkle the poser.


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I'm the KING.

I think i'm CLEVER!! i havent made any accidents yet, whilst roaming the house. I only pee and poo when i'm in my house. But sometimes i'm a quite cock-eyed and i step on my own poo and pee. Especially if i see mommy walking over to me. Mommy would bring me to toilet and wash my paws... with cold water.. :( i always try to escape! *SIAM.. AH..~*

There's this new little man (read: baby) i saw around the house. He's like really weird. He walks on 4 legs, just like ME! Everytime he tries to approach me, mommy and ah-ma would SHOUT really loudly. Den he starts to luff like crazy... SO FUN! I think i'm gonna BITE him the next tym he comes!



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Tuesday, June 10, 2008Y

A real terror....

Twinkle was left alone for close to 5 hrs in the evening on the first day..


I came back to...

shredded newspaper,
dried-up poop on my bedrm floor,
pee everywhere,
pee and poo on twinkle.

*FAINT* big-time...

Super tired already, but still had to clean that ger up.. swipe TONNES of dettol on the floor to get rid of the stench and bacteria (i can imagine, on my floor). Tat silly ger. Grr~ Re-laid the papers and finally get her home clean again.

She slept with me on the first night. Not much crying or whimpering. She managed to slp thru' the night. Growled at the door when my mom came in at 7am. Retarded growl~ haha.. buay fierce act fierce type. Pee-d immediately when she woke up.

My parents were HORRIFIC by that and decided to move her to the kitchen instead. *yeah~* cos' i cannot stand my room being stinko. So the next day, her home is shifted to the kitchen.

Second night was terrible.. I slept rather early and got woken by her barking at abt 12mn. zzz.. Had to talk to her and try to drift back into my room whilst talking to her. Guess she's afraid of being alone in the dark.

Third night.. WORST. she barked like mad at 5am. zzz. Pooped and pee-d. Cleaned her up.. cleaned her place up. Left her there went back to sleep. Again she barked here and there, went to scold her a bit den went back to sleep. When i heard my mom waking up, *BEST* i slpt in peave, cos i know she'll b there scolding twinkle and fussing over her. She was sleeping when i woke up at 9am. WA LAU.. all SALAH timing. =.= *pengz*

Her appetite aint good these days. Been trying to do a switch fr Eukanuba to Canidae L&M. Just hope she starts eating when she's hungry.

She's such a pest at times.. but such a darling as well. :)

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Monday, June 9, 2008Y

She's aslp now... afternoon nap.. at last.. That noisy ger..

i have more to rant.. at a later time...


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Sunday, June 8, 2008Y

I'm home! and i'm a HUGE pest to my mommy...

*evil laughter*

My 2 newly-made friends came to say hello to me! Maya (Spitz) and Princess (Yorkie).. A little afraid of maya though cos she's BIG! Princess is tiny.. more smaller den me. I decided to act fierce and bark at her. *WOOF!* she seems a little afraid of me.. teehee~

My mommy picked me up this morning and brought me into a HUGE BLACK MOVING THING (read: car) She held on to me and the whole place suddenly moved around.. i was jerking here and there. Decided to be more guai and didnt puke at all. *proud*

My new family brought me to see a doctor! i'm afraid of her.... so i peed on the standing table.. *oops~* BTW, my current weight is 2.1kg! Mommy's friends called my "FEI-MEI"... :( i'm a fatty-pom-pom..

Went back home!! and i saw my new home.. it's err... s.. m..a..l..l... :(

Luckily, my mommy lets me roam ard the house..

Let's just say... i got into trouble that very evening.... .... ....


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Wednesday, June 4, 2008Y

Mommy's picking me up in 2 days time!~


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Tuesday, June 3, 2008Y

Went shopping for my ger...
Shopping List:

- Tomlyn Au Lait Milk Shampoo
$22.00 (-5.50)

- PPP Earcleaner
11.90 (-1.19)

- Love'em Beef liver treats (100g)
8.50 (-0.85)

- Puppy Kong
15.10 (-4.50)

- Red Dingo Purple Leash [GORGEOUS PURPLE COLOUR!!]
13.00 (-3.90)

- Red Dingo Purple Harness
15.50 (-4.65)

- #1 Botanical Condition (16oz)
32.90 (-4.90)

- Lawrence Slicker Brush
14.90 (-2.10)

TOTAL DMG: 106 bucks
Total savings: 27.60

I LOVE ANNIE'S PETSHOP!!! haha.. so happy with the savings.. The shop owner uncle is REALLY nice as well. :P

Will try to do a review of the items. ;)

I bought more stuff from Daiso over the weekend. The other essentials and nonsense stuff.. e.g. Stainless steel bowl, Pee pads, Cleaning pads, spray bottles, collars, rubbery combing thingy, flea comb. I spent 30 bucks in a 2-dollar-per-item shop. HA! Hopefully i thot of everything that is needed. :)

I'm broke, but it's a happy kinda broke.

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[27th Jan 2008]
BORN! hehe.. i'm a SUPER COOL aussie puppy!~ 27th is such an AWESOME number.. i love my birthday!!!
*Looking for the special someone..*

[22nd April 2008]
Just came into this place....SG as they call it.. it's so WARM and HUMID, unlike my home with my mommy-dog!!! but at least they put us in nice boxes.. My brother is here with me also!! But he's in the box beside me. :/ Why can't we be together.. like always?? :(

[25th May 2008]
A lady came to see me today... i just took a glance at her and ignored her.. showed her my cute little butt and my carrot tail.. People say my tail is my cutest part cos it's just like a little carrot! hee~

[28th May 2008]
Again the weird lady came on a weekday night...
She came with her friend who keeps talkin to her about me. saying how cute i am.. how rare i am.. *proud* and i'm SO tiny only.. The nice lady who takes care of me.. took me out of my cage.. *HOORAY~~* and placed me in the little playpen. i think i'm supposed to parade for that weird lady to see. She just squatted there and stared and stared and make weird faces and noises to me. Weird lady. She tried to carry me but i'm the well-known WIGGLY WORM! YES I AM!

Wiggle... wiggle ... wiggle...

After she left with her friend, the nice lady placed me in a different box. it's on the inside. :( so i can't parade for other ppl to see anymore. What did that weird lady tell the nice lady? *sad*

[31st May 2008 - Saturday]
She came AGAIN!! oh my word... why can't she leave me alone!! but i had a new toy!! a HUGE strawberry.... chew chew chew... i can't seem to locate the squeaker.. hmm... CHEW CHEW CHEW..

And again i was the SUPER-WIGGLY-WORM!! hehe.. wiggle wiggle.. :P The nice lady became so fierce and scolded me. i REFUSED to look into her eyes... *wiggle wiggle more* I'm the boss of ME! not you! hmpf~

oh.. i heard the nice lady telling someone else that i belong to the weird lady... WHY WHY WHY???? Does that mean that she's my mommy.... EEEEeeeee... i dun wan... but if she's the one who gave me the HUGE strawberry to chew.. den.. maybe..... .... ..... i'll consider about it as i continue KILLING the strawberry with my super-razor-sharp teeth!



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