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Tuesday, October 28, 2008Y

Mommy found a TICK ON ME!!


it was SO GROSS.

She found it on me, just after my bath during my blow-drying session. She FREAKED OUT and thought of all the possible tick infection and infestation. Luckily that creep hasn't bit me yet so Mommy managed to pull it off my fur easily.

I think it jumped on me when Mommy brought me out for a walk on a DAMP weather. She is swearing off walking me in damp weather all because of this STUPID tick. No more playing in the drizzle.. :(

Now she's worried that i might have a tick somewhere around me. :/ I certainly hope not..
*scratch scratch*

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008Y
Twinkle: Shaggy no more..

My very 1st grooming session.
12th Oct 2008
Sunday; 3pm

Location: Gen Stylist (located inside PetHQ) @ Lor Liput, HV area.
Groomer: Uncle Bernard

Dmg: 50 bucks (5 bucks discount; i'm pretty sure it's cause i'm a GOOD ger)

Entire grooming session took about 2 hours. I turned from Ms Shaggy-Dog --> Ah-Boy. That's what ah-ma said. :( So i'm not a ger anymore ah? Ah-ma so bad. Mommy was happy to see me so well-groomed.

Uncle Bernard forgot to shave one of my paw-pad so mommy pointed that out to him. He brought me back into the glass house and did the shaving and a bit more scissoring. Uncle Bernard also said i'm the 2nd most-guai westie he has encountered! **PROUD!** Hee.. i'm guess most of my other counterparts are pretty fiesty during grooming huh?

Mommy came back from her shopping after the first hour and started peeping from the side of the cupboard. She didn't want me to see her and get excited and start jumping around, risk me hurting myself. So she peeped. BUT of course, i can see her with my super doggie-senses. I'm just remain guai as i didn't want a crooked hair-cut. The shampoo used was Espree. No significance 香香 scent. But i smell clean; not stinko anymore.

Mommy is weird. She misses my puppy-look BADLY. hmm... i overheard her saying my next grooming will be NEXT YR DECEMBER. haha~

Front view
Side head view
Body view
Act cute view

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Saturday, October 11, 2008Y
Twinkle: Tucked in by mommy

Mommy tucked me in... and thot i looked really cute. ha~

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Thursday, October 2, 2008Y

Don't ask me why my blog has this song..

Mommy just loves it.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008Y
Twinkle: A day on a dog's cafe

Mommy brought me to URBAN POOCH!

My food!! Grilled Lamb Balls.... Mashed up by mommy cos it's too hot!
Wolfing it down~

It's a very simple place. A little rugged looking. Half of the shop is enclosed as they run a doggie day-care there as well. The other half is non-aircon with metal chairs and tables. There are also outdoor sitting for smokers. Simple human menu, simple dog menu. They have a clean-up-after-your-own-doggy policy; mop is located at the corner of the store.

Twinkle was fine eating the lamb balls thingy. But had diarrhoea after eating their German Shephard's lamb pie. Guess it doesnt go well with her tummy.

Nothing much to rave about. Just make sure you go with good company.

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Twinkle: New Clothes

Mommy got me a new.. er... clothes.. top? Cape-like thing. She usually dun like tight clothes on me, cause she believe it's suffocating for me. BUT this thing has velcro, Easily detached.

Best thing. It's 2 bucks ONLY!! hehe~ At Daiso.

Cheapo Mommy go for cheap thrills as such.

*rolls eye*

She's keeping it for Christmas Season. Fa la la la la la la la la~~

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