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Welcome to twinkleisme.blogspot.com
Tuesday, September 30, 2008Y
Twinkle: *EXCITED!!!!!!!*

I'm a STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catch me at the 0:36min.. hehe~

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Monday, September 29, 2008Y
Twinkle: Complaining...

Mommy is PLAIN LAZY.. too lazy to upload videos or pictures of my outings.
So.. till she's less lazy. You might see a picture or two of me here.
Boo! Bad mommy..

Psst.. The next dog show is on the 2nd Nov at the EXPO..
Anyone interesting in going?


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Monday, September 22, 2008Y
Twinkle: new trick!

I just learnt how to WAVE!!

*wave~ wave~*

I look SO CUTE can???? Not i say one.. many others say so too! Smart me!
Ask me to wave the next time you see me!!

p.s you better have a treat in your hand.

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Monday, September 15, 2008Y

Just to report that i'm fine.
Alive and kicking and up to my usual antics. *bleah*



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Thursday, September 11, 2008Y

Twinkle went for her sterilization operation on Monday. Was super worried as i've heard of horror stories of dogs being allergic to GA and never waking up. O.O

But Thank God, she survived it. Really Thank God for being with her.

Left her at the vet at 12pm. Brought her blankie along as her comfort thingy.
Collected her only at 8pm, that very day.

She was totally nua. And her tear-streaked face. Gosh, the moment i saw her, i wanted to cry as well. Her face were totally wet. :'( She must have cried a lot. Her stitch was done alright. They cleaned up her nicely so no bloody patches or wadever. Just have to wait for abt 2 wks for her wound to completely heal. No baths and rough playing for 2 wks = smelly twinkle.

Had to purchase an e-collar for her to put on, so that she doesn't lick her wound (leading to infection). She was quite ok on it, no immediate contempt against that idea. ha. *phew~*

That very night, she somemore quite ya-ya. Decided to be strong and wanted to walk around even though i laid her nicely in her bed. She STAGGERED along the way. -.- Like a drunken. *Took a vid of that; will put it up when i can find time - haha.. notti mommy*


Weeks before the op, i told my mom to buy some white-fish for her. For her to heal better after operation. Ah-ma loves twinkle so much also... ...

So, the next morn, when twinkle woke up, she had steamed fish! Good life, yay? Steamed fish with kibbles. And boy am i glad that she had a GREAT appetite! My mom says that sick patients with good appetite will usually treat very fast. *smile~* She was still a bit sluggish on the morning, but it completely wore off in the afternoon. PENGZ.. and she went back to her usual antics. She managed to pee and poop without much trouble.


Day 3.. Last day of my leave.
(Took 3 days off just to take care of her.. Just in case..)
Completely NORMAL. ha. Took a look at her wound. Seems like there's a little bleeding. Very little. I think it's cause she jumped around quite a bit when my neighbour popped by.

Just want to recover ASAP. So i can bring her out again.

Keeping her in prayers.
I know that God takes care of everyone, even the little pets he placed in our homes.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008Y
Twinkle: Ganma pressie..

GanMa~ i really love my clothes. it's very fun to play with!

Bite.. bite.. bite..~

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008Y
Mommy: Sterilizing

Many pros and cons issue about sterilization.

- No unwanted pregnancies.
- No messy heat (twice per yr)
- No worries abt her playing with other studs
- No urge to want to mate when heat comes, and not being able to (can't imagine her frustration)
- Greatly reduces mammary cancer (almost ~100%)

- Taking away their reproductive means
- Messing with their hormones
- No baby twinkle (not that i want her to bred anyway)

More information here.

My main concern would be her well-being. I do not want to subject her to unnecessary pain. And yet, i want the pros of this operation. =/ I have long decided to go with spaying her, even before i got twinkle.

And.. Not only is there are TO / NOT TO decision to make. There's another time frame thing.
To let her go through it before her first heat / after her first heat?

Before her first heat:
- SUPER low chance of mammary cancer
- No swelling / darkening of private part (heard it doesn't go away after the first heat)
- No messy first heat experience
- Pup might be under-developed, more puppy features

After her first heat:
- Also low chance of getting mammary cancer (but not as low as before)
- Puppy is supposedly more well developed
- Better for pups well-being
- Might have swelling / darkening of private part

I've read many personal experiences of dog-owners and vets, both school of thoughts has their supporters, and it seems many state that there's not much of a diff before or after the heat. Just a note that after the 2nd heat, the window period is lowering mammary cancer is over. Even if sterilizing is done, there will not be a great decrease in possibility of getting it.

Just gonna grit my teeth and let her go through this, just this time.

My little one's gonna be going through a sterilization operation this Monday. (08th Sept) Trusting her to Dr Grace Heng, from The Joyous Vet.

Kinda worried for her.. Pray for her ya?

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